10 hour Beginners /Improvers clinic

This is a 5 day Golf Clinic designed for complete beginners and to give a basic knowledge of the four most basic shots of the game.

 ■   Duration of classes is 2 hours per day over 5 days. ( other configurations are available)

For one to four participants


 ■  Classes will be given on the following components


 ■ Information about the equipment used


■  Information on dress code and etiquette


■  Shots covered in this Clinic 

 Long game (iron play)

 Aim, grip, stance and alignment, back swing, down swing, and forward swing

ball position in relation to the club being used

coordination of the moving parts of the body.


 Short game (chipping)

grip, stance, theory and execution of the most reliable of chipping methods



Controlling the distance of the putt, holing out on the short putts, reading the green


 Bunker play

Stance and grip, controlling the length of swing and angle of attack

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10 hour Improvers clinic

This clinic is designed to improve any weaknesses that you might be concerned about in your game
it also includes a 9 hole playing lesson to help you with your course management
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Chipping Lessons

Long shots

Putting Lessons